Statement and Purpose

  • The purpose of the School is to meet the needs of the student so that each learning experience enables the student to grow mentally, spiritually, physically, morally, emotionally, and socially. A Biblically based curriculum and a Christian philosophy of life are designed to prepare students to better use their education to deal with the problems and perplexities of life. A child’s training in early life is essential to acquiring good habits in study, loyalty, attitudes, ideals, honesty, self-satisfaction, discipline, character, obedience, and reverence toward God.
  • The School currently includes classes from Pre-School age 3 through the fifth grade.
  • Parents have the primary responsibility of training and nurturing their children and are accountable to God for their children’s moral character and spiritual growth. Therefore, the purpose of a Christian School is to assist parents in providing an education that will better equip their children in knowledge and wisdom to live a fruitful Christian life in a worldly and unchristian environment.
  • Parents should agree with and support the philosophy of Verde Valley Christian School. Failure to do so would constitute a basis for Verde Valley Christian School to not accept the enrollment or re-enrollment of their children.

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