A Brief History

A Christian School for the Verde Valley was born in the minds and hearts of a number of members of Verde Baptist Church who became burdened that such a school come into existence. After much prayer and consideration, a Christian School Committee was appointed by the Church Board of Deacons, and it became the Board of Directors of the School. The Board of Directors began with Dr. Richard Penaluna, Mr. Ken Railey, Mrs. May Girdner, and Mrs. Judy LeTarte. Dr. Robert Warren, Pastor of Verde Baptist Church, served as an ex-officio member.

The purpose of the school, its philosophy, procedures, and the various details of getting a school started began in earnest and policies were formulated. Registration of students and employment of teachers began in 1980, with the result of nine student applications being received by March. The first school session opened August 25, 1980, utilizing the facilities of Verde Baptist Church. The building of a second floor to the educational plant of the church began the latter part of March in order to house the educational facilities of Verde Valley Christian School.

The aim of the school is to provide a Bible-based, Christ-centered education that will enrich the student in all aspects of life. Verde Valley Christian School is a non-denominational school sponsored by the Verde Baptist Church to provide a quality Christian education to the children of the Verde Valley. The Board of Directors includes members from Verde Baptist Church and other Bible believing churches in the area.

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